About Beautiful but Unlikely

The blog site for Julie Weigley’s novel, Beautiful but Unlikely. Excerpts from her second novel, The Mojo Collector, are posted on a sister site, themojocollector.com. To read each story chronologically, click on the The Chapters link.

Beautiful but Unlikely
The sun is warm; the cars race along the road; they don’t bother me. I’ve been reading the sky like the pages of a book. A story of love through the years and an ache in the soul.

A coming-of-age novel by Julie Weigley about finding your place in the world on your own terms in your own time; about how one’s sense of self-worth can be nurtured or not. The way the measure of a man should be taken—by the pursuit of money or the pursuit of justice—plus the arduous work of human rights advocacy are the other major themes woven throughout the story.

Amy Templeton is a recent college graduate full of private passions, but in need of public markers. She stumbles her way from crisis to crisis in her transformational journey from tennis star girlfriend tag-along to crazy cat woman to one of the starter housemate girls watching ‘for our knights, in the form of money or men.’ It’s through fellow housemate, Jean Ronnell, that Amy finds her vocation and validation in the form of hard labor for Human Rights International, and it’s through this work and her evolving relationship with Ross Fowler, HRI’s regional director—committed, stubborn, poor and likely to remain so—that she finds her backbone and moral compass. Paralleling the legend of her beloved Birman breed of cat, each of whom carries the soul of a priest, released to heaven upon the feline’s death, she manages to change over time, in her own time, from a virtually invisible spectator at loose ends to the type of purposeful individual she could once only admire.

Someone who would love you for what you could do, not tell you what you can’t do . . .
The Mojo Collector
Run, dressed in your dreams of me . . .

The second novel by Julie Weigley. Art, simply by its existence, invariably attracts forces bent on its destruction. The same holds true with love. The world labors under this dynamic and is ultimately weakened by it, the examples too numerous to even catalog; only a few are touched on here: ninety percent of Cambodia’s artists perish under the Khmer Rouge; the Lipik Lipizzaner horses are kidnapped and lost during the war in the Balkans; we carry our despair, our ache in the soul, unassisted.

And yet, the gestures of Khmer dance, the horse farms and stables, and the will to love survive to this day. How this can happen, how what’s most valuable is not lost, is often the most fascinating story to tell.

The Mojo Collector is a story about the resilience of art and love told in three parts:

The Dancers
The Train
The Horses

Plus musicians of differing caliber and character, a young girl’s unrequited love for one of them, and the mojo collector’s struggle to keep the mission going.

All I want to do in a world of possibilities is lay my head on your shoulder.
You can follow Julie on Twitter at @julieweigley, where she’s often to be found, adding her two cents and watching music videos instead of working. (julieweigley@gmail.com)
Artist: Franz Marc, Two Cats, Blue and Yellow, 1912. (Franz Marc [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)


9 thoughts on “About Beautiful but Unlikely

  1. It’s coming along, but slowly.Thanks for asking. I’ve done the “easy parts” and now each post takes something out of me. I have to recover and heal after each posting as if it’s a wound I inflict on myself. Just posted one the other day, appropriately called “Before My Skin Was Broken.” Hope you are well.

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