The Unbearable Lightness of the B List – Part 4

order of play

Beautiful but Unlikely

order of play

Michael was entered in doubles as well as singles at the U.S. Open. On the fifth day, he and his partner, Chris Bohmer, were scheduled to meet MacBishop and Hamel in the second round in the grandstand, the intimate sideshow court built flush against the larger main stadium. Doubles wasn’t really Michael’s thing, as always, he preferred flying solo; MacBishop was the best in the world. I was privately looking forward to watching MacBishop; I’d never actually seen him play through a series odd draws and freak luck, and thought he was sort of cool, although it would’ve been apostasy to say so out loud, and I was not so stupid as not to realize the terrible rubbing of salt into the wounds of secondariness this would have constituted.

The morning of the match, Michael’s parents and I found ourselves having a late breakfast in Racquets, the members club located…

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