Without You I’m Nothing . . .

Beautiful but Unlikely

ocean cat 3

I took the money and moved to Connecticut. Dad wanted me to come back home, to stay put, but I had wanted to live in New England ever since Mom read One Morning in Maine to me as a child; it seemed so classy, so old money. I was done with the nouveau riche. I loved the ocean and became enamored of Southport when we stayed there during a tournament some while back, so why not?

Never having been personally wealthy before, my bank account now seemed ever-expanding. I bought some stock which brought in more. Secured the lease on a big stucco house of an absentee writer on an exclusive tree-lined street, one posh house after another strung along the beach like a stone circlet, the facades barely visible from the pavement beyond the long driveways, the backs facing out to Long Island Sound, each huge structure blocking…

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2 thoughts on “Without You I’m Nothing . . .

    • Thanks for your encouragement; I appreciate it. As for the ease, I have to give some credit to the music I listen to, that’s why I list it as a playlist on the blog. The writing has to stand on its own, obviously, but the rhythm of the words is something that’s important to me.

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