The Night Watch (Well Beyond Tears)

Beautiful but Unlikely

night watch

The corridor loomed ahead of me –all pointillistic murkiness, all reverberating shadows. The worst was about to happen, and it would happen to me . . .

I stood alone in the passageway. Look in the left room? Look in the right? Or don’t look at all? I looked in the right. Through the grid of the small glass pane, I saw an operating room lit in an acid bath of electricity, a woman on the table under the knife. Impossible to tell who the victim was, and the doctors kept to their procedures. Retreating, trying to refocus my eyes, I tried the left door. Peering again through a tiny window, the blinding sunlight made my eyes squint, my eyes stream, but eventually I was able to make out a tangle of cats milling about, their tails erect and crooked at the tip like question marks. The windows were open…

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