Starter House – Part 2

Beautiful but Unlikely

money 2

Poverty causes you to think and respond differently than you might under more benign conditions. This gradually sets you apart, isolates you, and hostility toward the smug well-off swells to fill all voids. They’re no better, yet they have everything and you have nothing. Money handed to them, incomes finagled out of the masses or earned through mercantile matrimony. They think they deserve it. You’d like to wipe that self-satisfied expression right off their faces. During the first several weeks of my residency at 3629 Tilden—after making a good and bright showing at my interview—during the time I was only sporadically temping—money, money, money, money was uppermost in my mind. It was all I could think about since I no longer had any. I lived in a state of anxiety, savings gone, scrabbling about just to cover rent, in exactly the type of territory I had tagged along with Michael…

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