Starter House – Part 3

Beautiful but Unlikely

80's girl

The house was an endless parade of people and crises. To one used to a crypt-like level of privacy and quiet, there was nothing like that here. This was the time when women were urged to pursue careers almost single-mindedly. It had the drive and the cachet of the breakthrough. We knew of almost no one who actually lived in the same city as their boyfriend or husband, except Meredith, and she was separated supposedly. Nobody stayed in the place where they were born or where they went to school; we all migrated toward the jobs, toward adventure. We no longer had the luxury of being failures in these areas with no questions asked. Which was good. On the whole, I think we all did pretty well on the career side, feeling our way, pushing against resistance toward what it was we wanted, and that was great; we’d never go…

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