Starter House – Part 4

Beautiful but Unlikely

humdrum 4

To be a plain woman is for the most part to be largely an invisible one. My looks fluctuated with my fortunes. I’d been pretty enough, enough of the time to get used to the attentions of men, enough so that I noticed the absence of them now they were withdrawn. While a quasi-public persona, I was always fussing in my mind about how I looked and if I was getting my due attention, gauging where I fell in the rank order. But now, mired in no man’s land, that tension flowed out of me like grain out of a sack, leaving just the empty bag. Working at the library, I sat in the bowels of the old building in front of a computer, cataloguing incoming material; whom was I supposed to look good for? Once in a while, due to the ebb and flow of staff, I was farmed…

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