Beautiful but Unlikely

Beautiful but Unlikely

boston interview

Jean was very pragmatic, didn’t suffer fools graciously, didn’t talk much about what she did—only actions counted with her, not words, not intentions. For a religious person, she didn’t seem very spiritual or nice for that matter—not a trace of softness or compassion. She wasn’t with Medicine Nonsectarian for religious reasons she told me at one point, but because they were honest and did good work. She had a distinct distaste for sob sisters, hand-wringers, and didn’t care for me, either. Apparently I was too much of a dreamer, a flake. She took to calling me “Gidget,” which I hated, for no apparent reason other than the fact that I refused to see the world in the dreary terms she did. I had tried at first to impress her with my seriousness (See, I’m like you . . .), but soon gave that up. I was quickly set straight…

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