Beautiful but Unlikely – Part 2

Beautiful but Unlikely

golden haze 2

So . . . it was as if the door to my room opened and an anonymous arm thrust itself in, handing me the golden pelydryn. Thanks very much. I never had access to anything like it before. I used that power to get stronger, and lived in its golden haze for weeks, floating on the thrill of discovery. But the glow wore off and I became discontented, pulled up short by the notion that while I thought so much of that man in that photo, he wouldn’t think much of me, much of my life. He would walk right by and never notice. I wanted to be better than a survivor, holding on hard but dangling unseen. I needed to stand up tall enough to look him straight in the eyes.

I took myself in hand and did a number of things. First, I rejoined HRI and soon after…

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