Taking the Punch – Part 2

Beautiful but Unlikely

blue eye x

My star on the horizon had loomed so fantastically in my mind that I was taken aback by the ordinariness of the scene on entering the church basement. There were barely some thirty people in the activity hall, mostly students and two or three older couples waiting for the lecture to begin. My patron saint was not appearing on stage or behind a pulpit, but in a florescent-lit basement complete with red linoleum floor, folding metal chairs and a pockmarked wooden table for a lectern. The church coffeepot stood on a longer table against the back wall–polystyrene cups, powdered cream, fake sugar, donation jar by its side. Next to it in the corner, a tall man in jeans and a herringbone jacket with a black scarf wound round his neck was talking to the minister. His hair was dark, almost black, and cut short and tousled, giving him the tattered…

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