Taking the Punch – Part 3 (Ross Fowler on HRI)

Beautiful but Unlikely


Good evening. I know you came here tonight to hear about Human Rights International, that you’re curious as to exactly what we do and why, and we’ll get into that later, and there’s information here to take with you, but tonight I’d like to mainly discuss the power of an individual decision. The decision an individual makes to speak out despite the risks inherent in doing so, the decision a government official makes to let someone go or keep the cell locked, the decision you made to come here tonight, the decision each one of you makes to get involved or turn away. The decision to believe you can effect change. You each have a mind and a heart—they’re supposed to work; they’re meant to be used, not overridden.

Ross paused, methodically turning over a sheet of paper on the table, letting his words sink in, and a few people…

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