The Start of Hope – Part 3

Beautiful but Unlikely

tumbled-off knight

Whether he wanted to or not, Ross was learning about my past as well, discovery running both ways. Natalie came in one day with an old People magazine, looking very pleased with herself. She had unearthed an old photo of Michael and me at some awards dinner. She was very intrigued by my former marginal celebrity girlfriend status; it raised my stock with her tremendously when she had put two and two together and figured out why she thought she’d met me before. I often felt she was studying me, trying to discern what defect had caused me to slip from such a position, to figure out what was wrong with me that I didn’t work it. As soon as Ross appeared in the outer office, she went up to him and presented him with the magazine, demanding, “Guess who this is!”

“Who who is?” Ross asked, looking like he…

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