The Start of Hope – Part 5

Beautiful but Unlikely

gripping tightly

Our attraction to one another became more and more pronounced, our desire less disguisable until it was obvious to everyone in the office whether they wanted this knowledge or not that something was going on. Natalie even took me aside one day and asked, “What’s going on?”

Things finally went public. Paul’s prediction of having ‘more than enough to do,’ had come to pass very quickly. We assisted each local and student group with their work on behalf of their “adopted prisoner,” organized and conducted local conferences on human rights, held fund-raising and membership drives, sent out mailings, developed an outreach program aimed at various ethnic groups concentrated in the area (my job), maintained data bases, and coordinated our efforts with the national drives coming out of headquarters. Ross traveled extensively, speaking to groups, attending trials, occasionally serving on international delegations. He filed amicus briefs, wasted time sparring in New…

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