Frequent Flyers

Beautiful but Unlikely

nowhere bound 2

One Friday night it was just Jean and myself in the house. Karen was out on a date. Meredith was gone. She and Adam had reconciled and she had moved back in with him. She had told us, in a quite unnecessarily scathing manner I felt, that no matter what their marital problems, it was better, it was on a more mature plane than the pettiness, the bickering, the turf squabbles that she had to put up with here. We made Adam look good. The last straw had been when Jean dropped an earring down the sink in the downstairs bathroom she shared with Meredith. After a time the drain got clogged, but neither one would take the responsibility or pay the money to have it fixed, so it became a battle of wills, a contest to see who could be the more stupidly stubborn that went on for weeks…

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