In the Thick of Things (What Makes Sense) – Part 2

Beautiful but Unlikely

nightingale 2

For days now I’d been laboring under a foul mood that would not lift. Ross and I’d had a fight and we were barely speaking. A real low point for us. I couldn’t bear his anger, his withdrawal of affection, but I had worked myself up into a state of major aggrievement. Everyone in the office decided this was the perfect time to be as irritating as possible—no one ever shut up and it was impossible to think, like being stuck in an empty oil drum with some bastard banging away on the outside. Our house was the usual three-ring circus, and even standing at the edge of the Sound could not calm, the ocean breezes insistent, just hassling me. Several particularly distressing reports came in and the political news was not good, either. HRI’s big benefit concert in New York was three days away, and I was seriously thinking…

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