Silent Son – Part 2

Beautiful but Unlikely

western sky 1

Several months had passed since that game, and sprawled in congested misery on Ross’ living room couch, I blew my nose for the thousandth time, wadding up the tissue and tossing it at the waste basket. I wasn’t even close, and it joined its counterparts on the floor. I should say our couch, our floor because this was my home now, too. I had flown the starter coop and officially moved in with Ross after the holidays, having, after a few fits and starts, secured my replacement. Jean left shortly after my departure, taking an assignment abroad, so now Karen was the only one left from my time there. Eventually she would leave too, I supposed, and there’d be no direct connection to that house anymore, but the cycle would continue on, its rooms filled with a new set of castaways seeking their claim. Funny how natural it seemed to…

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