Good Night, Mr. Knightley – Part 2

Beautiful but Unlikely

departure 2

Jean visited us for several mild rainy days in late November, back from Africa for the holidays and a rest before heading to Europe, and gave us her blessing. Her last assignment had changed her, as if she had pushed herself through some wall and come out the other side intricately etched and worn—less transparent, but also less prickly; her bristles, her irritating air of superiority frictioned off. She was happy for us now. Jean had from the very first given me a hard time about my work with HRI, and I’d thought for a while that she was annoyed at my stepping on her turf. Or that she couldn’t stand the fact that I was no longer unhappy. ‘How long will this last?’ she had sarcastically asked. The night she broke down on the couch, I had assumed, was some catharsis, some breakthrough, but that was forgotten, never spoken…

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