Good Night, Mr. Knightley – Part 3

Beautiful but Unlikely

starlings 1

Our lives floated along swimmingly with only an occasional chop in the water. Having it so good, of course I had to generate my own apprehensions, my own phantoms, and I did. I worked myself up into a fit of insecurity shortly after Jean’s departure as to whether Ross would remain faithful, having read an article in a magazine on the large percentage of men who strayed after marriage. A small noise, an insignificant note amongst the general din, but I latched onto it nonetheless; a signal shot sent rising into the air, calling for the never-far-away doubts and fears to come swirling and fluttering down on my happiness. I let them peck at it mercilessly.

I’d prop myself up in bed at night, leaning back against the headboard, and watch Ross as he slept unaware of the prenuptial scrutiny. His face, so sweet in sleep, made me ache. Welcomed…

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