Police Your Own Area, Protect Your Own Turf

Beautiful but Unlikely


A life-threatening illness changes the world as you know it. It will rob you of many things, but the most precious thing it will rob you of is your singularity. All victims alike . . . all patients anonymous in their semi-swaddled bravery . . . all those chosen for bedside watchers, hand wringers, strapped into the same roller coaster ride from hell. You might struggle against the chains of this conformity, but your energy and spirit are sucked dry fighting other battles; there’s no breaking free.

I wasn’t going to tell Ross immediately, but picking him up at the airport limo drop-off that terrible Sunday night, my face gave me away. It had been a blessing that he’d been away up until now, and I had managed to remain relatively calm the whole weekend after getting the test results, walking round and round the house, talking earnestly to myself…

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