Police Your Own Area, Protect Your Own Turf – Part 2

Beautiful but Unlikely

darken into evening

We decided not to wait until my father got better to get married. It was important for us to make that tie. And though I had never voiced my regrets out loud, Ross understood the sadness I felt looking back over my life—a young girl no longer so young with no brilliant paintings, no wedding dress, no small hands clasping; any good done dissolved in the brutality of the next turn. It would appear I had passed through leaving no mark. So we arranged to have a simple ceremony held in the yard of the Divinity School at Yale. A small quadrangle set off the beaten track of campus, quiet and serene this time of year.

I’d been holding steady, actually felt fine, but shortly before our wedding I took my first turn for the worse as the doctor had with sour self-satisfaction predicted. This bride was not beautiful, self-consciously…

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