Turn the Night Tide – Part 2

Beautiful but Unlikely


Michael sent me a letter saying he would arrange for anything we needed, the bad news finding its way onto the grid somehow then spreading without resistance. Something I always wanted to do, have? Convalescence in Europe? A faraway isle? Not-yet-legal treatments? Money could talk. No questions. No strings. His kind words mattered; I only thought of him now as the boy I first knew, the boy at my art exhibition—it was a passed life. He had matured over the past few years into an interestingly complex man, recently marrying a charming woman, an up-and-coming performance artist. I watched her once on cable TV.

Unfortunately Ross found out about his offer. I had the high-school girl, Amanda, the babysitter, go out and fax Michael a reply, thanking him but refusing—there was little he could do—without telling my husband, but Michael not liking my answer called him at HRI. The Nagles…

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