Ilana Dent’s Medicine Box – Part 2

Beautiful but Unlikely

private cache 2

After that initial encounter, I often stopped and chatted with, or rather, listened to Ilana offload whatever she had stored up during her lonely silent hours, an ensnarement impossible to avoid now whenever she spied me going to and fro on missions more important. Because of her afflictions, Momo had become too much for her, and I started coming over to look after him, to brush him and change the litter box so she wouldn’t have to give him up. He was an old cat and wouldn’t have survived any changes. I didn’t mind. I missed having kittens underfoot, afraid to have one or two share our house due to the constant comings and goings and the killer road. Momo, though not much more than a furry lump, filled the void for now. It was during one of these visits that Ilana told me her plan.

Her husband, Martin, died…

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