Ilana Dent’s Medicine Box – Part 3

Beautiful but Unlikely

he refused to leave 3

Ilana quickly threw up her own barricade. She was furious at me for even broaching the subject. This time I frightened her. She faced me, blinking rapidly, a dry-eye tic, a subtle symptom of systemic deterioration, her fluttery eye movements making a disconcerting clicking sound. It was hard to look at her.

“See here, why’d you think I told you that—it’s such a great idea you’d copy me? That’s what you think—I wanted to start a fashion?” Her voice was not a good medium for her sarcasm. Ilana turned her back on me and hobbled into the living room, blinking and clicking, leaning on her cane. I followed uninvited. We stood opposite each other, Ilana adamant this would go no further, refusing now to look directly at me though my eyes bore into her. Weak-kneed, I eventually had to sit down on the edge of her sofa.

“This isn’t something…

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2 thoughts on “Ilana Dent’s Medicine Box – Part 3

    • Thanks. It’s part of a sketch done by Franz Marc. To me, the cat’s profile has a very human element to it. If you search under google images for “Franz Marc two cats sketch,” you can find the entire drawing. You’ll be able to see that I only took a small corner of it.

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