Supper’s Ready/Chapter 19

Beautiful but Unlikely

more time

I never took those pills. Fortunate for me, fortunate for us. We’ve been given a reprieve, another graceful season, more time, and time is all I want. Today I’m feeling better, stronger. Sitting in the rocker on the front porch, facing the Sound . . . there’s a big tanker in the distance; there’s a prop plane buzzing the air. In the chair Ross got for me because he knows I love this view; I love the waves. Sad to think we’ll be leaving soon . . .

Been feeling better lately, like ice melting, like the wind picking up, so much so that Ross has gone to California for three days—he’ll be back tomorrow. Out on the porch, out on my own in the daylight brilliancy, bare feet up on the railing, feeling the air between my toes, unshackled from pain and free. Sitting here thinking thoughts brought on…

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