In His Own Right (The Boston Interview)

Beautiful but Unlikely

boston interview  3

I pride myself in always doing my homework, so I spent some time looking at old news clips and file photos before coming here to do the interview with Amy Templeton. First describe her and her husband in their prime: Ross Burnham Fowler, a Boston Brahmin do-gooder with looks that were an initial sucker punch for the opposite gender—tall, dark, handsome. Amy Louise Templeton—proud first acolyte from Middle America with her own soft Celtic beauty—long, wavy, dark auburn hair and wide-set green eyes. That’s good, good. Then tell the readers how the passage of time has tumbled them downhill. Give’m the dirt in their mouths. Ten minutes with these two, however, and I knew the conventional spin wouldn’t work.

Templeton introduced me to her husband and their daughter, Sarah. After a few minutes of polite if reserved small talk, Fowler—his left leg mangled in a car crash outside Fremont, California…

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