In His Own Right (The Boston Interview) – Part 2

Beautiful but Unlikely


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uh, medication . . .

Speaking of that, can you tell us a little bit about HvW, Health vs. Wealth, the organization you started in the early 90’s?
There’s not anything terribly original about it. It’s basically a patient advocacy group like many others; we do some lobbying, but with very little money which is very much like going to the prom without a date—you’d do well to ask yourself what you expect to get out of it. I got into it because of all the run-ins Ross and I had with the, uh, medical industrial complex, as my friend Jean likes to call it. But basically, the bottom line is patients need an organized voice because of managed care. HMOs are set up primarily to make money, therefore they think they should just get it and no one should raise any objections. Incredible. Staying alive…

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